Simplicity Planners

This “starter set” includes an audio CD for getting started, a high-quality binder, the “Essentials” set, and a variety of useful pages. The Essentials set includes all the basics, such as the front cover sheet, a birthday/anniversary reminder, a purpose statement questionnaire, a purpose statement reminder sheet, a back page protector, a phone reference sheet, a page marker/ruler, and a lined notepad. Additional useful pages included in the Simplicity set are: an undated year-long calendar with lined boxes for each date, six months of Simplicity Planner sheets (see alphabetical listing for description, but does not include Daily Planner sheets), seven Menu Planner pages, seven Itemized Shopper pages, seven Household Organizer sheets, and several sheets of lined note paper. Also included are seven weeks of "Morning Latte for my Heart" daily devotional pages, five tabbed dividers, and a sheet of pre-printed labels to customize your tabs in the way that works best for your family. ("Bible," "Menu," "Projects," "Family," and "Christmas" are just a few examples of the handy pre-printed labels provided.) All the basics you need to get started - see additional packs for more useful pages you can add!

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