Once Upon a Time (Olim in Latin)

Olim means Once Upon a Time - if you're reading Latin. And the Latin stories in this series are meant for reading; each to be read several times, in fact. Designed as a gentle introduction to Latin that allows the student to work at his own pace, these readers provide the stories: fables, parables and Bible stories. The accompanying workbooks help solidify and expand the learning. In the Readers, stories are written first in English, then in Latin with identical corresponding illustrations (nice, black and white pencil drawings) serving as visual cues. The stories have been simplified in English to ease their translation into simple Latin. Sidebar information provides vocabulary and grammar cues. Story reading is facilitated by a thorough pronunciation guide at the beginning of Reader I.

The Workbooks pull it all together providing grammar (Digging Deeper), vocabulary (etymology and derivatives), and translation exercises which are based on and correspond, page by page with the Reader (These including Digging for Treasure exercises that have hidden clues and a surprise at the end of each story). Coordination of the workbook exercises with the stories is found in the Reader. Answers to all Workbook exercises are found in the back of the book. Readers are 50-60 pgs. ~ Janice

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Grades: 3-8
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