Matin Latin Program

As an experienced Latin instructor, Karen Craig's goal is to provide an easy-to-use beginning Latin program for young children that did not require the teacher (a.k.a. parent) to know Latin. Combine that with a desire to use the same general methodology as Wheelocks and you have a classical Latin program that makes sense. Focusing on Latin and English grammar first, the step-by-step approach progresses from the familiar (English grammar) to the new (Latin equivalent). Student Books provide 22 or 23 Lessons each providing instruction, examples, and exercises. The Teacher's Edition adds Teacher's Tips to the instruction as well as answers and translations. Pronunciation is aided by both a pronunciation guide as well as the Level 1 CD. Chants are encouraged, as is memorization of familiar songs, scripture and prayers in Latin. Both reading and writing in Latin is introduced and expected. Diagramming is introduced at the end of Level 1. The material employs a general commitment to keeping things simple in the beginning and gradually adding complexity. Artwork, while not plentiful, is excellent; drawings are used to illustrate vocabulary. Appendices include a reproducible paradigm practice sheet, suggested memory work, adjective declension (Level 1), noun/verb summary charts (Level 3) and vocabulary list (expands with levels). ~ Janice

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Grades: 3-6
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