Place Value Disk Sets

 Use these easy-to-manipulate disks to provide hands-on practice for place value. Each disk is printed with the number and is color coded: Ones are white; Tens are light red; Hundreds are orange; and Thousands are yellow. These are larger sets of 100 disk packages. The Small Group set (total 600 pieces) contains 2 100-packs of Ones disks; 2 100-packs of Tens disks; 1 100-pack of hundreds disks; and 1 100-pack of Thousands. The Classroom Set (total 1500 pieces) contains 5 100-packs of Ones disks; 5 100-packs of Tens disks; 3 100-pack of hundreds disks; and 2 100-pack of Thousands. Packs come in reseal-able bags and each set comes with one instruction sheet. The double-sided Place Value Mat is 17" x 11", laminated, and allows for work with whole numbers or decimals in 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" spaces. One side allows for tens, ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths placement (decimal spaces are grayed). The other side allows for placement from Ones to Ten Thousands. ~ Ruth

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Item # 059713
Grades: 1-3
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