Scooby Doo Math Fact Finder

Scooby helps you sniff out answers with these simple little tools. Sturdy. colorful cardstock cover has a white card inside that slides out to reveal a vertical list of numbers. These numbers are added to the function numbers such as -0, -1, -2...-11, -12. The answer for all of the problems shown is the same, as you see in a small box at the bottom: 4-0=__; 5-1=__; 6-2=__; 7-3=__; etc., up to 16-12=__. The answer to all problems in this list is 4. Each fact finder has 2 sides and shows 2 functions with numbers 0-12. Keep them in the car, in your day bag, in centers at school, or anywhere you think you could squeeze in a little math fact practice! Scooby Doo is such a lovable character that children will like doing some math with Scooby! Measures about 6.25" x 4.25" ~ Sara

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Grades: 1-4
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