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Flash cards have been a part of teaching math since before I was a young child. We once used them for learning basic math facts and the repetition helped us to remember addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables.

These cards go further than just basic functions and can be used to supplement any math curriculum. Each set includes double-sided, black & white cards that measure 3 ¼" x 6 ¼". There 162 cards in each of the Unknown Quantities sets, 179 cards in Rounding & Estimating and 105 cards in Order of Operations. Within each set are instruction cards with suggestions for usage. Rounding & Estimating and Order of Operations both include a reference card that describes the concept represented on specific cards - very helpful!

The format for Order of Operations and Unknown Quantities is the same on both sides - the answer for the problem on the reverse side is printed in small print at the card's top. Unknown Quantities cards have a printed problem with a variable somewhere in the problem. Students must figure out the variable. Order of Operations offers simple to complex problems that must be solved in the proper order to find the correct answer.

The cards in Rounding & Estimating have a bit different format. There are 2 levels: Level 1 uses whole numbers to millions, and Level 2 uses decimal numbers to the thousandths. The front of the card shows a number with one of its digits underlined (showing to what place the student is to round). On the reverse, is the reasonable estimate and three statements; only one of the statements might be a good use of that number. For example, 332 would most reasonably be rounded to 330. This number would most reasonably be applied to 1) the number of miles from New York City to London, England; 2) the number of islands that make up Fiji; 3) total number of candy bars in 5 bags of candy, each with a dozen bars. The goal is to help them learn practical application in multiple areas. The correct answer is printed below the three statements.

If you want flash cards that do more than the basics, add these to your math curriculum. ~ Donna

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