Jean Tats

Decorate denim and other sturdy fabrics with these colorful temporary adornments! Cut out the desired design, rub on with the included wooden stylus, then wear! I had a lot of fun putting these on my denim jacket and canvas shoes, even as an adult. The designs are printed on a white background so the vivid colors will show regardless of clothing color. One thing I would recommend - place your tats in areas that won't move a lot. For jeans, try the top of the thigh or below the knee. When fabric moves or stretches a lot, tears begin to appear on the design, so you want to avoid high-action areas like rear pockets or knee caps. These would be fun for a birthday party, finishing touches for a costume, or any time your clothing needs a colorful touch of cool. When you're tired of the style, just machine-wash to remove. Includes one sheet of about 20 designs, based on the style. - Laura

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Grades: K-AD
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