Jackhammer Pogo Jumper

One look at this pogo stick will convince you it is like none other, and one bounce will spoil you for the traditional models! Using patented bow spring technology (instead of the traditional straight spring), the manufacturer claims jumps up to 4 feet. And having spent a little time on this bad boy (although limited by the office ceiling), I believe it! After having tried this one, when I climbed on other pogo sticks I was shocked by the lack of spring and durability, comparatively. The Jackhammer is made of high-grade aluminum, is highly durable, features a rubber "foot" for gripping, and weighs less than 8 lbs. While the price tag is higher than the other models we sell, we believe the Jackhammer is worth the price for your older and more serious pogo jumpers! Supports riders from 120-176 lbs; two models in different weight limits available. Minimal simple assembly required. ~ Megan

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