Airline Play Sets

There are some things about which little boys just can't hide their excitement. And sometimes little girls and big boys feel the same way! I can say from experience that an airline play set from Daron is one of those exact things! X-number of years ago, I would have moved heaven and earth for one of these, and now I see my own kids (daughters and son) thoroughly engaged in imaginatively re-enacting real (and not so real) life with airport miniatures. The airline sets all have authentically detailed, die-cast airplanes, airport trucks and buses, while the Air Force One set differs slightly with a plane, a helicopter, and an SUV. Each set also includes 2 cones, 2 suitcases, and 5 signs made out of plastic. These colorful sets will provide hours of fun - especially if the kids can have a chalk runway on the patio or paint up some plywood to feature a runway or two. - Zach

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Item # 033129
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $17.50
Our Price: $6.90
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