Spectrum Handwriting

Spectrum workbooks are good supplements in a lot of areas. Handwriting is now added to the list. The manuscript book is for grades K-2, and the cursive is for grades 3-5. Since there is only one book for each type, I think these would be a good remedial option. They use a traditional style, practice lower and upper cases, and have students writing out some pretty big vocabulary words. In the manuscript book, students practice the letters individually and then write words such as alphabet, Delaware, grammar, question, California, octopus, kilometer, etc. The cursive book practices individual letters then connects a few at a time before the student writes words (mm, um, ma, ms, mo, om, sm, for example). The cursive words include centimeter, algebra, quadrilateral, antonym, biodiversity, volcanic, etc. Consumable, 96pp, sc. ~ Sara

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Grades: K-5
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