Connecting Bars

Build geometric concepts as well as dexterity. The set comes with 72 plastic connecting bars: 12 each in red (5.5"), blue (5"), yellow (4"), green (3.5"), purple (3"), and orange (2"). The flexible bars connect at either end (by simply popping them into place) and can rotate in conjunction with each other. Bars can also be attached to the center of the two included orange protractors. To add challenging activities for different grades, the Activity Cards contain 24 rounded-edge cards (8 cards in each of 3 learning levels): K-2 (green), 3-5 (red) and 6-8 (purple). Each activity provides a couple of geometric activities to explore (without answers). Items can be purchased individually or as a set. ~ Ruth

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Item # 071776
Grades: K-12
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Grades: K-12
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Item # 071778
Grades: K-12
Retail: $16.95
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