Physical Science (1st Edition)

Building a foundation for upper-level chemistry and physics, Science Matter and Energy, rejects the theory of evolution and presents creation as the only reasonable explanation for the origins of the universe. Beginning with an introduction into the general principles of physical science, students study matter and energy, mathematics in science, chemistry, motion, light and color, electricity and magnetism, and electronics/robotics. Lessons will take about 50 minutes per day, with some students needing longer.

The student textbook provides textual readings, application questions and section and chapter reviews. Space to record answers is not included, so students will need a separate notebook. Feature boxes called A Closer Look highlight God’s design in science or provide additional information and application of the lesson. Numerous graphics and colorful illustrations appear throughout the text and aid student understanding.

The teacher guide provides the full student text at the beginning and the teacher resources in the back section. Teacher support includes the scope and sequence with a suggested teaching schedule and grading scale, daily lessons, and answers to the text questions. If you prefer to not use the teacher guide, a separate answer key is available that includes the answers to section and chapter reviews from the student text.

Additional resources include the Lab Manual, Quiz Book, and the Test Book. Answers are not included; each book has a separate teacher guide or answer key.

The lab manual provides 36 experiments. Each experiment begins with an overview, equipment and supply lists, step-by-step instructions and a report sheet. You will need to provide numerous items including a lab coat/apron, safety glasses/goggles, scale balance, graduated cylinder, bathroom scale (kg), measuring cups with ml measurements, beakers, petri dishes, microscope, liquid nitrogen, test tubes, spring scale, copper sulfate, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, filter paper, Bunsen burner, bar magnet, etc. You may be able to modify some of the activities to make them manageable in a homeschool setting.

The Lab Manual Teacher Guide includes the teaching notes for each lab activity, plus the student lab pages with answers for the report sheets and discussion questions.

The test book provides a total of 12 exams: 8 tests (one every 3 weeks), 2 nine-week exams, a semester exam, and a final exam. Short answer, multiple choice, matching, and essay questions are included on each test. The quiz book includes 39 quizzes with matching, true or false, short answer questions and mathematical equations are all represented. Answers for the test book and quiz book are found in the corresponding answer keys. Student and teacher resources are not reproducible.

Also available are the Physical Science Student and Parent Kits. The student kit includes the textbook, test book, quiz book, and lab manual. The parent kit includes the teacher edition, the test key, quiz key, and the lab manual teacher edition.

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