Word Problems from Literature

Word problems are difficult for many students because they don't understand what the question is really asking. Word Problems From Literature teaches students how to decipher each question and make sense of the problem. Using information from Mr. Popper's Penguins, Ben Franklin, Narnia, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings, students learn how to work problems using bar model diagrams as a visual manipulative. One-step and multi-step problems using multiplication, fractions, ratios, and algebra become a breeze when students learn how to apply the logical formula presented in this program.

The text for this series offers the reading content, and bar model diagrams illustrate the concept of the problem. A simple example is, "Mr. Popper had 78 fish. The penguins ate 40 of them. How many fish did Mr. Popper have left?" Bar modeling is explained in the front of the text and the workbook. Students learn two rules: The whole is the sum of its parts, and simplify to a single unknown. The information in the text explains in a very step-by-step fashion the process for solving. The questions posed in the text offer practice for the bar-modeling process to make solving word problems easier. The text includes answers to the problems. 100 pgs. Pb.

The Student Workbook is a companion to the text and provides space for the student to do the problems. The same word problems are printed in the workbook as in the text, but the workbook offers plenty of space for drawing models and solving the problems. Students could do these same problems on their own paper, but the workbook provides an organized space in which to work. 80 pgs. Pb.

The fact that this course uses literature might have some appeal for those who appreciate the Charlotte Mason approach to education, but the thorough and logical explanations make it a nice companion to any math curriculum. ~ Donna

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