Veritas Self-Paced History Online Courses

This is classical history - a dynamic chronological approach - available any time, any place, and at any pace. Each course has 160 class periods (approximately 30- 50 minutes each) and covers 32 important historical events, corresponding, in general, to the printed Veritas history courses. Making good use of the computer environment with interactive quizzes, mapping activities, a talking historical character, and a conversational approach, these courses will engage your student. Grading and grade-recording completed online with printable reports will delight you.

Veritas history courses always include memorization (dates, places, names) because it provides a foundation for more in-depth study in later years. Memorization in a variety of ways in these courses keeps the task interesting. You will need to provide the flashcards for each course, and students will need a Bible. Additionally, there is a fiction resource list for each course that is "technically" optional but highly recommended.

A course registration is for one student. As assignments are completed, grades are recorded and tracked for that student. However, exercises are available for review and while it might be possible to have a second child "monitor" the course in that manner, it's not optimum so Veritas has provided a $100 sibling discount that allows a second student to fully participate in the course alongside the first. Courses are designed for grades 2 through 6 and are available online for twelve months from enrollment. Please note that this is a digital product with a unique access code and as such, it cannot be returned. Older (and younger) students will also profit from the courses if they have not previously had strong history instruction.

As you would expect, a fast internet connection - minimum download speed of 1 mbps - is needed but courses work on both Windows (8, 7, or Vista) and MacOS (10.7 or higher). Two GB RAM is recommended. Courses use Flash technology and will only work on a computer or laptop (i.e. no tablets).

These courses will free you up allowing you to enjoy it as much as your children - just by listening in. ~ Janice

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