Medieval Careers in Medieval Times

Career choices were much more limited in the Middle Ages, with a class structure typically limited to nobility, priesthood, service, or serfdom. These books provide information on what life was like for the type of work that you performed. Like most books discussing this era, we learn about kings and queens, knights, and pages and squires. Unlike others, we also learn about jesters, barbers, apothecaries, doctors, cooks, bakers, brewers, and astrologers. Each section contains a two or three pages of text to explain what the job entailed. For instance, the barber also performed "minor" surgery, such as removing an arrow from the body using a device called the arrow-spoon. Short quizzes are included for each section. The most engaging part of the book is the list of activities; several are provided for each career group. Some will require planning, and a few are appropriate only with a group of students, but the kids are sure to enjoy these. Plenty of follow-up book and movie suggestions are also supplied. 125 pages, pb. - Bob

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