Artec Robotist Kits

All the motors, sensors, lights, buzzers, wires, building blocks and software to build serious multi-function robots are here. Using Studuino (a compatible variation of the robotic and maker software standard Arduino), youngsters write programs to control the components and actions of the robot. Three ways of programming make Studuino a great starter language. Drag and drop icons for sensors and movement can be placed in any order for quick and easy programming. More advanced students can manipulate blocks of "Scratch" computer code (originally developed by MIT Media Lab) to use branches, functions and variables to accomplish more difficult tasks. Level 3 is for the big boys and girls, with users doing advanced programming in the C/C++-based Arduino language. Programming is done on a PC with XP (SP3 32 bit), Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), or Windows 8 or 8.1 (64 bit), then transferred to the Studuino board.

Robotist Basic and Robotist Advanced allow you to build bi-ped, quadra-ped, wheel-driven, or stationary robots. Both come with the Studuino software and board, servo motor, DC motor, buzzer, LED light, five different sensors, wiring connectors and Artec building blocks. Basic contains 150 pieces, while Advanced has 190 total. Sensor Car can be programmed to follow a line or turn when it encounters an obstacle; it contains 60 pieces.

Join the robotic revolution!

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