MicroMax Plus

When is a smartphone not a smartphone? When it becomes a digital microscope screen, a.k.a. your window to the microscopic world! Definitely one of the coolest gadgets we've seen this year, we loooooove this one for its simplicity, low price and all-around awesomeness. The MicroMax comes in three versions currently: iPhone® 5/5S, iPhone® 4/4S and Galaxy S® 4. There are two components of each: an adapter case that fits onto your smartphone, and a 60-100X LED microscope. Just take your phone out of its current case, snap it into the adapter case, then slide the microscope into the slot, which positions it over your camera lens. Then switch it on, turn on your smartphone camera, and get ready to view fabics, leaves, rocks, slides, and anything else you want an up-close look at. Because you're using your camera function, you can snap pictures or take videos to record your investigations indefinitely! We tested the Galaxy S® 4 version in the office and were so impressed by how easy it was to use and how clear the picture is. We loved that there was no software or app to download and you just pop in your phone and are good to go! I think the only drawback is the awkward shape of the microscope/smartphone combination - I was at times searching for something to prop up the other end of my phone on to have a more stable picture. But all in all, what an incredible, portable tool for the whole family! - Jess

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Item # 026044
Grades: 8-AD
Retail: $25.00
Our Price: $4.28
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