Buddy Davis Amazing Adventures DVD

Introduce your children to the mysteries of God's creation with this informational DVD series from Answers in Genesis. Buddy Davis is a kind, grandfatherly gentleman with a heart filled with the wonders of God's creation and a strong desire to share this love with children. Each episode is filmed on location and introduces children to the unique landscape and habitats found on our planet.

In episode 1, I Dig Dinosaurs, children accompany Mr. Davis to a Montana dig site, where they observe the excavation highlights of a dinosaur bone. Following the excavation, they are briefly shown what happens to the bone at the lab, where it is carefully studied and restored. In this episode, the general principles of fossilization are explained using age-appropriate language as well as what the Bible says about dinosaurs, and what happened to the dinosaurs. An educational visit with the curator of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum is included along with a focused tour. Bonus features include Creation Museum Dig highlights. Episode 2, Swamp Man, finds Buddy Davis on a wild adventure through the Florida Everglades, where children are introduced to the abundance of natural and aberrant wildlife found in the glades, including 'up close and personal' interactions with diverse creatures like the Albino Boa Constrictor. Guaranteed to delight the adventuring nature lover in all of us! Bonus Features include a Buddy Davis music video and wild creature sound identification game. Scripture references are KJV. DVD Run time 25-45 min.

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