Investigate the Possibilities Teacher Guides (Gr. 3-8)

Written to complement the Investigate the Possibilities curriculum, these books provide a weekly lesson schedule (180 lessons), reproducible quizzes & tests (2 levels), quiz/test answer keys, and master supply list.

Books are transitioning from PLPs to Teacher Guides, although the content appears unchanged. Each Teacher Guide provides a full year of study and covers two Investigate the Possibilities courses.These may be used alongside the Textbook/Student Journal Teacher Guides and are not considered a replacement.

The Elementary General Science and Astronomy Teacher Guide accompanies Water & Weather and The Universe; the Chemistry & Physics Teacher Guide corresponds to Matter and Energy; and the Physical & Earth Science Teacher Guide covers The Earth and Forces & Motion.

If you just need a little more scheduling and assessment help to make this comprehensive course even more full-bodied and structured, these inexpensive, optional books will do the trick. Guides are available individually or in a package with the other required resources.

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