Common Core Vocabulary Task Cards

CCSS uses some very specific language in its ELA (English/Language Arts) testing. Learning and practicing the words for each grade can be done in a variety of ways to help it stick. I like these cards for painless practice! Do a few each day as a warm up activity; look them over before bed; take them in the car since they come with a book ring to keep them contained. Each set has 48 double-sided cards for 192 total practice questions, 2 book rings, and an answer key. Below are some sample questions from each grade level. ~ Sara

Grade 2: "Step" can mean which two of the following? A) to walk, B) a stair, C) to nap

Grade 3: The ___ of a container is the amount it will hold. A) area, B) capacity, C) perimeter

Grade 4: Which word describes drops on the outside of a glass on a hot summer day? A) condensation, B) evaporation, C) freezing

Grade 5: Sandra was exhausted after her soccer game; ___, she went to the family picnic. A) although, B) nevertheless, C) therefore

Grade 6: Match: 1) covert, 2) overt, 3) divert A) concealed/disguised, B) open/obvious, C) to send in a different direction

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