Common Core Language Arts 4 Today

These skill practice workbooks have 40 weeks of daily reproducible activities. I looked at the Grade 3 book and was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of reading selections such as poetry, fiction, historical, scientific, familiar literature and more (aligning to CCSS). A short passage is read on each of the first four days; each passage is followed by four questions for the student. These are the review exercises. The end of week assessment is a longer reading passage which is again followed by questions, including editing practice. This pattern varies later for one section of the book when the daily work includes pre-writing, drafting, revising & proofreading practice. If you are homeschooling and have to do yearly testing, this would be a helpful addition to your language arts curriculum. These are very straightforward and not too time consuming (about 10 minutes a day). Answers are in the back. 96pp, sc. ~ Sara

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