Sound Sorting with Picture Cards

Phonemic Awareness is an integral component of children learning to read well - and it's the first step in most phonics instruction. These deceptively simple sets of cards provide options for a developmental sequence of sorting activities from earliest contrasts to more difficult discriminations. A multi-sensory activity, the process of sorting by sound helps children to hear the individual sounds in words and to connect those sounds to the letters that represent them. The initial consonant sounds card set (3.5" x 2" cardstock) includes 124 word cards with full-color pictures on one side and the word written in black, block letters on the reverse side; 20 letter cards which each show a consonant letter (no "x" which is considered an ending consonant sound only); and 20 laminated cards which show 3-9 words for each letter (i.e. answers). There is also a small booklet which describes activity set-up for several sorting activities. The vowel sounds card set (similar size) explores short vowels, long vowels, variant vowels, diphthongs, and r-influenced vowels. The vowels set includes 116 word cards, 18 vowel cards (with pronunciation markings), 18 "answer" cards (with vowel sound and word lists), and a short instructional booklet. The Words Their Way program is the sequel to these sorting cards sets. ~ Janice

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