Activity ABC Lacing Templates & Activity Cards

A multi-sensory approach to early learning, these "templates" are brightly colored plastic (nice, soft, and pliable) letters and numbers (each about 3" tall) with lacing holes. The ten, yard-long lacing cords are also brightly colored. The Activity Cards provide reinforcement but only minimal activities. Five (approximately 8" x 3") plastic-coated letter cards show three consonants on each side with vowels shown all on one side of one card. Each consonant has a single illustrative word and picture - but in five different languages (and English is third in the list). An interesting touch here is that there is both an "N" and an "ô". Each side of the five number cards show a number, a corresponding set of objects, and fingers held up to indicate the number. Preschoolers who like to touch, feel, and do will appreciate numbers and letters lacing templates - a perfect quiet activity while big sister or brother is "doing" school. The next step of building words from the letters will be an easy one. ~ Janice

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