Djeco Inspired ByActivity Kits

Great art is inspiring! With this resource, however, you can add your own flavor to a famous artist’s style and make it your own. Take your turn at chunky VanGogh-inspired paint strokes. Add gold leaf in the unique portrait style of Klimt. Use dots a la Lichtenstein’s poster art. Scratch Cards come in a set of 4 large, coated, pre-printed cards as well as a wooden stylus to create custom designs. Create with Stickers sets have 4 base design cards and 4 pages of stickers to apply as you wish. Felt Tips & Rub-On Transfers sets include 4 brush markers, a pencil, 4 base design cards, and 4 pages of rub-on transfers for your personal work of art. Collages & Stickers have 4 larger base cards, cardboard pieces to add 3-D elements, a glue stick, and colorful stickers to personalize your creations. Watercolor Wax Crayons set includes 4 base cards which you color with your set of 12 watercolor crayons, then use the watercolor brush and water to blur and blend the colors resulting in your own unique masterpieces. The inspired results are all your own!

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