The 101 Series DVDs

Offering engaging visual content, hands-on labs and activities, and printable files, these courses may be the perfect option for your learner. Each course includes four DVDs and PDF files. Videos are well done, with a little humor thrown in to keep the content interesting. Biblical Worldview is woven throughout the course. Along with the instructional DVDs, courses include a printable “Course Accreditation Program” (CAP) and Guidebook . The CAP provides the syllabus for high school credit, field trip suggestions, student notebook directions, and mini-lab instructions. Labs use easily found items. The Guidebook includes the table of contents, segment outlines, discussion questions, quizzes, quiz answers, and an alphabetic index. Guidebook pages follow the points of the video presentation along with black/white illustrations and interesting tidbits of information printed in the margins. Each section includes a multiple-choice quiz and discussion questions. An excellent alternative to the traditional textbook. help desk software