Elemental Science for High School

Written for supervised, independent learning, Elemental Science at the High School level requires the Guide, online access and either lab supplies or the purchase of virtual labs from Beyond Labz. The publisher’s website offers resource pages for each course with additional teaching resources, including the digital Textbook, Teacher Guide, Quizzes/Tests, Lab and Hands-on Activity Links and more. Please note, Physics is the older format with no alternative lab hands-on lab component or other supportive resources.

The Printed Guide is written to the student and provides weekly lessons, introductory information, textbook assignments using the free, digital Textbooks from CK12, weekly experiments (lab kits are available for some courses), hands-on activities, three scheduling paths, a survey course without labs, a standard lab course and an Honors course (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Physical Science is available for 8th graders or high school students who are not quite ready for a traditional high school course. (Parents will want to verify with their state to ensure Physical Science is an acceptable credit for the high school transcript). Prerequisites include Algebra 1 for Chemistry, and Geometry for Physics. There are no prerequisites for Biology (students may take Algebra concurrently). ~Deanne

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