Reusable Scratch Sheets 8.5 x 11

Save on paper! Instead, use a dry-erase marker and one of these heavy, white, laminated cardstock sheets in your homeschool lessons. Use them for group work in a classroom (planning, brainstorming, delegating, etc.). Make up games with them like drawing our vocabulary words while another student guesses, or hangman with spelling words! Stick one on your door or wall for messages. One option has a quarter inch grid (like graph paper) on both sides while the other is plain white on both sides. You could use a Sharpie and draw a Venn diagram or T-chart and make your own reusable graphic organizers. Inexpensive and useful, you'll want several around! Each measures 8.5" x 11". ~ Sara

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Item # 058927
Grades: PK-AD
Our Price: $2.95
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