Bible Stories Painting

Just add water! This is a super duper painting book that has the paint inside the book. Both the front and back covers fold out to reveal a total of 4 pages of paint palettes. Kids use a wet brush (or cotton swab) on the color palette to pick up the "paint" and color their pages. The 16 coloring pages tear out, so you could easily use one book for several artists at a time. The pages depict Bible scenes in bold black lines. Book 1 images include Noah, Tower of Babel, Joseph & Pharoah, baby Moses, Joshua, Samuel, queen of Sheba, Daniel in lion's den, 3 wise men & baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph w/young Jesus, Peter & Andrew w/Jesus, walking on water, lost shepherd, the good Samaritan, Jesus w/soldiers, and risen Jesus. Book 2 images include Adam & Eve, Abraham & Isaac, Jacob's dream, Joseph's coat, Moses w/tablets, David & Goliath, Elijah & chariot, Jonah & whale, shepherds & baby Jesus, John the Baptist, Jesus & miracle, lame man being carried to Jesus, prodigal son, loaves & fishes, Zaccheus, risen Jesus w/Mary. ~ Sara

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