Snap Shots: Critical Thinking Photo Cards

Don't most kids love looking at pictures? Imagining conversations or situations based on clues in the photos is a fun way to engage your child's critical thinking skills. When you add focused questions to the mix, you now have a lesson that can be a conversation or a writing assignment. Each of the 40 laminated, 8x8" cards shows a color photo on one side and holds four related questions on the back. Families, friends, and individuals - most pictures show children, and various cultures and backgrounds are represented. Pictures include scenes such as a dinner table, winning a race, washing up after painting, sharing a cookie with a friend and other photos conveying emotions. Questions on the back ask students to predict what will happen next and what the people may be feeling: What might the boys digging in the dirt find? Is a frog more like a rabbit or a snake - why? How do you feel when you go around in a circle? You could use these with one student or a group. Use them as a warm-up activity to language arts lessons. Have students apply weekly spelling or vocabulary words to the photos. Since the cards are not consumable, you could use these for many years to come. In a group, you could give pairs of students a card, have them answer the questions and report to the group. This requires planning, public speaking, and defending a response - all useful skills. They come in a sturdy box for storage. ~ Sara

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