Experiment Car

The Multiple Purpose Basic Experiment Car Set allows the student to perform a variety of projects. The kit includes a plastic body onto which you can snap other components: battery holders (2) (AA batteries not included), motor mount, connectors, wheels, wheel w/pulley, paper propeller, connecting plugs, solar cell unit, support pillar and pillar attachment, pulley, motor holder, propeller stop, axles, motor, metal fittings, miniature bulb w/ socket, wire, and rubber bands. An instruction sheet is included to do 8 different experiments: light a bulb with a completed circuit, build a propeller, build a propeller car, make a motor car, make a solar car (solar cell is sold separately), make a capacitor car (10F capacitor is sold separately), make a wind car, and make a car that runs with a Peltier Device Experiment Kit (sold separately). Instructions are minimal and accompanied by black and white illustrations.

For a small price, students can experiment with different energy sources. Because the Capacitor and Solar Battery Cell are intended for use with the Multipurpose Basic Experiment Car, there are not instructions with each of them. The instruction sheet found in with the Experiment Car shows how to hook these up in experiments 5 and 6. Experiment 7 mentions a Peltier device, which is also sold separately, and we are not offering it at this time. ~ Donna

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Item # 030733
Grades: 3-12
Retail: $5.99
Our Price: $1.49
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