Spill the Beans Activity Cards

Teaching math hands-on just got easier and more affordable! Recommended manipulatives for these "bean shaped" cards are four different types of dry beans - pinto, white, red, and black. The 80 activities for each level provide students with clues based on number comparisons and fractions at the junior level and number comparisons, fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages at the challenge level, allowing students at both levels to practice number sense, logic and problem solving. Examples of questions include: "There are 12 beans. There are equal numbers of red, black, pinto and white beans. How many beans are there of each kind?" (Junior Level grades 3-5) and "There are 12 red beans. There are ¾ the number of black beans as red beans. There is 1/6 the number of white beans as red beans. The number of red beans is 100% of the number of pinto beans. How many beans are there in all? What fraction represents the number of pinto beans?" (Challenge Level grades 4-6). Answers (without solutions) are found on the back of each activity card. 84 sturdy cards per set, instructions included.

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Grades: 4-6
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