Writers Who Changed the World

Great writers don't just write about the world around them; they change it. The power of the pen is clearly presented through this in-depth exploration of the lives and masterpieces of some of history's most influential writers, from Charles Dickens to Anne Frank. This exciting look at literary history includes timelines, graphic organizers, and a vibrant design that features both historical and contemporary images. It can serve as an engaging supplement to the study of great works of literature such as Pride and Prejudice and Of Mice and Men. This set is also a fun independent reading experience for literature lovers. Features include: Guided analysis of each writer's most famous works to help readers develop the ability to closely read and analyze informational texts. Historical context that encourages readers to understand the link between history and literature. This content supports common social studies curriculum topics, such as the Industrial Revolution and the civil rights movement. Biographical information inspires readers to think critically about how writers shape their message to influence their audience. Each softbound volume in the series contains 54 pages. ~Amber

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