50 Leveled Math Problems with CD

A unique series that provides three levels of problem complexity for each skill; the levels build so students get incremental difficulty from basic to two-step to three-step solutions. The level of problem difficulty is determined by the complexity of the mathematical language, complexity of the task, changing the numbers, and amount of support. [BTW, it's this sort of level of difficulty differences that can cause two programs - both aligned to standards - to be considered "rigorous" or "less rigorous" respectfully.] Each book is organized into fifty mini-lessons that align with the Common Core State Standards for that grade level. Each mini-lesson plan provides the CCSS standard, an overview of the problem, a problem-solving strategy, and suggestions for introducing the worksheets. Over the course of a year, the lessons integrate attention to concepts, skills, and mathematical reasoning. The mini-lessons, however, are independent and may be taught in any order. Designed for the classroom, one of the suggested uses is for differentiation (give a different level of problem to different students). This is rarely appropriate for homeschool, but this series would allow a homeschool parent to "grow" a below average student by providing problems first in their comfort zone and then with increased challenge. Besides the mini-lesson plans and worksheets (reproducible for classroom use), the book includes a description of the program, a "how-to-use" section, and suggestions for assessment as well as a chart showing the correlation to standards. A complete answer key is provided. The (interactive whiteboard compatible) CD that comes with each book provides PDF files of each worksheet as well as some miscellaneous resources. 144 pgs, sc ~ Janice

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