The Pencil Grip

When you hear "pencil grip," you probably think of those hard plastic, prism-shaped gadgets. That's exactly what this is NOT. We've selected this particular grip because of its many beneficial features. First of all, it's flexible, allowing it to fit over any size pencil, pen or craft knife. It's soft and rubbery instead of unyielding plastic. Molded especially to fit fingers comfortably, there is only one correct way to hold it. Useable for either right- or left-handed kids, sides are marked with "R" and "L"to ensure kids hold it correctly. The super-comfortable grip is also recommended for those with arthritis. The Pencil Grip is available in two sizes - Standard and Jumbo - and a variety of types (bold colored, metallic, glitter and neon), all made of the same soft, squishy, rubbery plastic. Colors vary for each type; if you order mlore than one, we'll assort. ~Stephanie

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Item # 060555
Grades: PK-5
Our Price: $1.95
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