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This unusual handwriting practice paper makes it easier to explain to children where to start and stop each letter, whether practicing manuscript or cursive. Helpful for any child to learn writing their letters initially, this also might be just the ticket for children who are struggling with placement when writing their letters. My PrintWrite features a traffic cop at the top next to a stoplight, from which emanates 3 solid lines - red, yellow, and green in descending order - instead of the usual two solid blue lines and dotted red midline. ½" ruled, with 1" spaces between the sets of lines make a page that is easy on the eyes, not tight and cluttered. ReadyWrite products are a little different. Still providing the visual helps, students now see a cartoon dragon, breathing red fire to start the solid bottom red line and its tail pointing up and starting the top solid green line. Mid line is at about dragon eye level and is a lighter green solid line. So you can still use the visual cues when explaining where letters need to start and stop. All PrintWrite and ReadyWrite products feature ½" rulings with 1" space between line groups on 20# paper. Drawing & Story books contain the same rulings but have a blank space on the top front of the page for a student to draw a picture related to their sentences. Experience Paper also holds space for a drawing on the top half of the front, and is fully ruled on the back, but is in loose-leaf packs. Books lie flat easily and have double-sided pages. Books are 32 pp, pb; all products are 8.5x11" unless noted otherwise, and paper is ruled both sides. ~ Sara

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