Picture Yourself Writing

Using photos to inspire writing! My photographer son tells me that pictures tell stories. This series uses contemplative photos as writing prompts coupled with instruction in specific writing genres - drama, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Make no mistake; these photos practically beg you to fill in the details. The accompanying writing instruction is straight-forward with an emphasis on the writing process. It is broken down into step-by-step, this-feels-doable segments with models, lessons, and one assignment per page. For instance, in the Fiction book there is a lesson on "setting" in which there are two photos. One is a dim castle hallway; the other is some sort of glass tunnel and a bullet train. There are writing prompts for each, accompanied by descriptive quotes showing how sensory details will make the reader feel (i.e. "Shadows blanketed the long hallway.") This series would make a great, one-writing-genre-per-year, focused study - there is lots of meat here!

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