ArtEmboss Pure Metal Sheets

An art project that makes even the non-artistic person feel like a craftsman! Using these thick foil sheets and a stylus, you can create embossed images to use with a school project or as a gift item. Make a picture frame, embellish a card, or make jewelry. The metal sheet comes on a roll 9.25" wide and in two different lengths: 12" or 60" depending on the metal. Colors that come in a 12" length also include a stylus and a sheet of patterns to trace. The sheet can be cut with scissors and feels like very heavy aluminum foil. Lay a piece of over a soft surface like a mouse pad or craft foam, cover with an outline image from a book (or even something you find online) and trace using a stylus tool. The result is an embossed work of art. Light and Med. refer to the weight of the foil. I found the "mint" green to be more of a true kelly green. Cerulean is beautiful bright royal blue. The violet is a gorgeous deep purple. Sea green is a lovely light aqua/mint color. Set of 3 tools includes two wood styli and one wood handled tool with a metal ball tip. ~ Sara

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