BJU Press Math Grade 7 (3rd Ed.)

This newly revised edition serves as a bridge from elementary math to pre-algebra by providing a solid foundation of basic math skills and introducing students to foundational concepts of algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. Information is presented from a Biblical viewpoint as students build on their understanding of math concepts and develop analytical thinking and a mastery of skills. In this revision, several topics have been expanded into more chapters and lessons have been restructured for an improved flow as the text aligns to the highest standards. Real-world application is emphasized and updated cumulative reviews prepare students for standardized testing. A “Math-Then & Now” page added to each chapter presents historical examples of how math has been used to make improvements in daily life. Four STEM projects have been added in the Activities Manual. A simple calculator is suggested for use after chapter 5. The course kit includes Teacher Guides 1 & 2, Student Textbook, Assessments, Assessment Answer Key, Activities Manual, and Activities Manual Answer Key.

Spiral-bound Teacher Guides are broken down into semesters and pages lay flat for easy viewing. Each lesson is comprised of four main components: engage (discussion), instruct (direct instruction or activities), apply (student work), and assess (quiz or test). Detailed lesson plans give parents plenty of guidance. A reduced copy of student pages with short answers is included. Longer answers with solutions for additional exercises are included in the margins. Assignments for minimum, standard, and extended tracks provide differentiated instruction. provides homeschool parents with digital resources corresponding to the teacher guide as well as a digital scheduler and gradebook. provides video lessons and additional practice for major concepts.

The Student Textbook is organized sequentially with each topic thoroughly explained. Skill Checks throughout the lesson provide a few problems for the student to practice the concept. The end of each lesson includes exercise sets A, B, and C according to level of difficulty (Exercise C providing the most challenge). There are about 10 problems at the end of these exercises containing cumulative review. Cumulative review exercises also include the number of the lesson in parenthesis showing where the concept was first introduced. Each chapter has a “Math – Then & Now” page giving historical examples of how math has made improvements in everyday life. The end of each chapter has review exercises to prepare for the test. Colorful illustrations and engaging cartoons provide an added element of appeal to the text.

The Activity Manual provides worksheets that can be used for remedial purposes or for extra enrichment or practice if desired. Some of the activities include word problems, drill sheets, enrichment activities, or STEM projects. The Activity Manual Answer Key includes a copy of the manual with answers in red. It also shows what type of practice each page contains and when to use it.

Assessments include all the quizzes and tests for the course: 14-chapter tests, 4 cumulative reviews, and an average of 3 quizzes per chapter. Assessments Answer Key includes a copy of each test or quiz with answers and complete solutions.

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