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There was a time when I would have been quite dismissive of the idea of classic literature reworked into graphic novel format (in my childhood we called them comic books). But today I'm a little more knowledgeable about learning styles and recognize that for some students, this might be the best or only way to introduce them to the classics. The stories are "adaptations." This means that the content is accurately presented but much of the detail is communicated via pictures rather than words. Surprisingly faithful to the complete works, however, these graphic novels are well done with intense, full-color graphics on quality paper stock. The softcover books include a heavy, glossy-paper dust cover. The action-packed stories are likely to appeal to audiences familiar with the genre. In typical graphic novel fashion, the artwork depictions are often "artful" rather than realistic. Each of these books has special features at the end of the book. The Odyssey book includes a short biographical sketch of Homer as well as a two-page visual depiction of "Who's Who in Hades." Dracula ends with biographical sketches of both the author and the historical Vlad Dracula Tepes. Tom Sawyer includes lengthy (10 pages) biographical notes on Mark Twain. The Oz book includes an illustrated "map" of the land of Oz. ~ Janice

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