Borrowers Series

Underneath the kitchen floor is the tiny world of the Borrowers - Pod and Homily Clock and their daughter, Arrietty. Only Pod is allowed to venture into the house above, because the danger of being seen by a human is too great. Yet Arrietty won't listen. There is a human boy in the house above and Arrietty is desperate for a friend. The second book in the series, Borrowers Afield, follows the family as they travel cross country in search of long lost relatives and a new home. In Borrowers Afloat, the family journeys down a cottage drain in a soap dish and lives in a tea kettle by the river. In the fourth book, Borrowers Aloft, the family travels in a hot air balloon in search of a new home. This classic series by Mary Norton has charmed young readers since the 1950's.

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