Starline Press Spanish

An independent student workbook series for Spanish that is focused on the written language. There are 10 student books, each with a list of objectives, and a separate answer key. A test is at the end of each book. Each book has about 45pp.

Level 100 covers basic pronunciation, greetings, basic vocabulary, word gender, plurality, present tense, building sentences, adjective agreement, Bolivia, possessive adjectives, numbers, colors, asking questions, more present tense verbs, estar/ser, food, irregular verbs, a research project, idioms, prepositions, Ecuador, Guatemala, more verbs & vocabulary, time, dates, Mexico, Nicaragua, sentences, past tense, and Spain. English is used throughout Level 100 to explain concepts. There are a lot of translation activities, and in the later books students are producing sentences.

Level 200 topics include: a review of level 100 vocabulary; gender & number agreement with verbs/adjectives & articles/nouns; and the present tense. It also includes cognates, possessives, idioms, asking questions, (in)direct object pronouns, travels, reflexive verbs, que, imperfect tense, present perfect tense, more verbs, commands (imperative tense) animals, flash cards, future tense, garden & city, more irregular verbs, airport, mood, present subjunctive tense, and social situations.

There are several partner activities and points where students are told to ask for help from a teacher. This series would work best in a co-op with a fluent instructor or with a parent who has had a few years of Spanish. There is no audio component to help students with their pronunciation. ~Sara

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