SongSchool Spanish

Parents often worry about having to teach a language they don't speak. Never fear Songschool Spanish is here! Classical Academic Press continues its tradition of providing quality, audio-based foreign language instruction with this Spanish offering.

The core of this program lies in the Book and CD Set. The audio CD contains 44 tracks set to music (you'll recognize some familiar children's tunes, such as "Where is Thumbkin?" and "If You're Happy and You Know It"). Spanish and English vocabulary are intermingled in the songs, resulting not in an "immersion", but a "weave". Most tunes are simple rhythms which repeat the vocabulary in the lessons. There's a lot of repetition because it helps the words stick in the child's head (so tolerate it with a smile, parents!) The Student Book follows the vocabulary on the CD. It's black and white with many varied activities and illustrations. The pages have a balanced mix of text, student writing space, and images. 173 pgs, pb.

The same Audio CD found in the Student Book is now available separately. This is perfect for those of you who don't have time to add a formal curriculum to your schedule, but do have time to listen to the lively songs. Words to the songs are found in the student and teacher books, but the CDs are easily understood, and your children will learn Spanish words as they listen!

There are 31 chapters with the suggested pacing of one chapter/lesson per week. Vocabulary covered includes: greetings, friends, family, house, manners, animals, colors, numbers, body, food, and weather. There is a support website for playing vocabulary games in Spanish and another site for parents to get guidance for the program. The Teacher Edition includes all answers to the exercises in the student book, plus parental tips. 147 pgs, pb.

Like the other Song School programs, this one wouldn't be complete without a game! Spanish Amigo Match is a flashcard set that contains all vocabulary from the Song School Spanish lessons (except for review lessons). The deck contains over 210 cards, each labeled (and color-coded) with the corresponding chapter number from the Student Book. Use the cards to play games (i.e. "Memory", "Go Fish", or "Carrot Top") or as flashcards.

Learn your lesson phrases from listening to la maestro (the teacher) on DVD! Use this as initial instruction or as a follow up. Your student can listen to a native Spanish speaker which is wonderful for their pronunciation, a lovely lady who is smiley and encouraging. She speaks clearly and slowly with pauses for your child to repeat the words. There is a video for each of the 24 lessons; navigating the DVD is a cinch. Each lesson is concluded by a "little moments" segment where you see/hear the vocabulary one more time. There is a lot of English used in the videos, which make them very parent friendly. Each lesson lasts around 5 minutes.

For convenience and economy, two packages are available. The basic package (SGSCSP) includes the student book w/CD, teacher edition, and Spanish Amigo Match. The Deluxe Package (SGSSDP) includes the student book w/CD, teacher edition, Spanish Amigo Match, and DVD. ~ Sara

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