Answers Book for Teens

Two facts. One, teens are intelligent. Two, the teen years are a time in which they need guidance and direction; they're some of the most crucial years for the formation of their beliefs and character. These books respect both facts. In a world where teens especially are targeted with anti-God messages and expected not to think, it's so very crucial that they are equipped with solid answers to the difficult questions they'll face: Does it matter how old the earth is? Is there really only one way to God? Isn't the Bible full of contradictions?

Volume One of the Answers Book for Teens explores 15 tough questions including topics like the origin of life, homosexuality, and violence/suffering in the world. Volume Two also answers 15 questions dealing with topics such as evolutionary thinking, the reliability of the Bible, and being prepared for college. Both books build their answers with solid backing from the Word of God, and include clear presentations of the Gospel. This is an excellent resource to help teens become strong in the faith. I wish these had been around in my early teen years! 95 pgs. each, pb. -Chad

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