Little Labs

With sturdy plastic equipment and illustrated instructions that require little reading, these kits bring scientific experimentation down to the level of your very young students. Each kit is based around a 16-page, full-color booklet, which holds around 8-10 experiments. Each one is phrased as a question, such as "What creates a rainbow?" The question is followed by illustrations for three possible answers and then asks, "Or do you have other ideas?" The list of supplies for the activity is also provided in pictures, as are the steps of the experiment. The answer or explanation is written for the parent, and it will probably need to be explained to the child in the parent's own words (and probably elaborated upon!) to really make sense to them. These kits would work really well with a good nonfiction book written for the same age level, as the activities are based around big questions and topics and include some staple activities for that topic. For example, Weather Science will have kids observing evaporation of water, making a terrarium, using a weather station, recording daily weather stats, making a rainbow, investigating static electricity and more.

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