Moonlight Series

What better way to help kids not be afraid of the dark than to give them a flashlight! Surprising and interactive, this book uses this concept to teach kids about animals that live in the dark. As you open the pages, the left has interesting animal facts and illustrations. Then they are given the assignment to "find" animals hidden on the right side using their light (a tab they move around under a colorful film). As they move the light, animals are revealed from the dark. The illustrations are sweet, not scary, so as not to frighten young children. Behind the colored film is black paper, so nothing can be seen until the white tab is under the image. It's very clever! The information is age appropriate, and questions let kids show their knowledge. For example, you read a paragraph about bats, then ask your child, "Did you know that bats are mammals, and lick their fur to keep clean like a cat does?" Then there are 7 circles which are what the child is supposed to find on the right-hand page with their "flashlight." Each book has 6 magic flashlight pages. ~ Sara

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