D'Nealian Handwriting - 2022 Edition

These colorful workbooks have plenty of age-level practice for a daily lesson including all tasks listed in the 2008 version. While the pages are bright white, they have the feel of newsprint. The student workbooks are quite open and go, but you also have a teacher book included in your online access. The graphics you see of the teacher book are from the online access, not a physical book. Inside the student book is a card you will use to access the online component. Follow the instructions to Savvas Realize where you will find tabs under “browse”. These tabs include table of contents, resources, standards, leveled readers, an eText and tools. I found the most useful content under the resources section. There are stroke modeling animations a child could watch for more help, but really, these seem to be more classroom-style resources. The books are friendly to use without the teacher component, but it is nice to have the extra support if needed. Perforated pages are NOT reproducible. ~Sara

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