Habitat Tray Puzzles (35 Pieces)

Habitat Tray Puzzles are a great value, as each packs a quality puzzle together with information into one tray. Each 10" x 14" puzzle has 35 sturdy cardboard interlocking pieces, printed in bold eye-catching colors. The inside bottom of the tray has the picture from the puzzle printed in grayscale and the shapes of the pieces etched, so the child has clues for puzzle-piece placement. As a child gets older, the pieces are sturdy enough that the puzzle can be done outside of the tray on a flat surface. The back of the tray includes a picture of the puzzle with each animal lettered for identification purposes. Below and to the right of the picture is a summary of each lettered animal, giving the scientific name and information. Use these to enhance your science study or just leave them out for playtime - children will learn just by playing with them. ~ Donna

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