Abeka Writing with Phonics K5

Handwriting is an essential skill that is coupled with the phonics instruction in the Abeka materials. Correlated to the Letters and Sounds workbooks, proper handwriting formation is shown and practiced as vowels, consonants, etc. are introduced. Letters are first traced and then written independently. Starting points and directional letter strokes are provided on the first letters. Abeka uses a distinctive lining style. Each handwriting “line” not only has a red baseline with dotted middles but also a lower extender line. A little house sits at the left of each set of lines. This house illustrates the basement line (extenders) with steps up to the main floor (baseline) and an attic line (dotted middle). The roof touches the upper line which guides the upper extenders. At the beginning of the kindergarten book, there is 3/8” between each line: lower extender, baseline, dotted middle, and topline diminishing to ¼” between each of these lines at the end of the book.

Writing with Phonics K5 books are available in either manuscript or cursive letters; bound or unbound versions. All versions feature horizontal orientation, with pages that are perforated for easy removal. Colorful illustrations make the worksheets appealing. There is one page (front and back) for each lesson, with additional Extra Practice worksheets periodically. Handwriting style is traditional. 206 pgs.

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