Reading Comprehension Across the Genres

This workbook series strengthens students' comprehension using a wide variety of writing forms. Nearly all of the 35 lessons feature a different type of writing, from narratives, letters, journals, and school texts to poems, articles, reviews, recipes, and even maps and graphs. Each lesson is composed of 3 worksheets and follows the same format. First the lesson is introduced with the type of text, purpose, structure, and specific features outlined. The writing example is presented below, followed by the comprehension exercises. These exercises consist of 4 separate sections, each asking a handful of questions about the passage at a different level. Students will answer "On the Surface" questions and make "Discoveries" (a closer look at some of the specific words or parts of speech found in the passage) before digging deeper into the passage through the questions in the "Delving More Deeply" and "Hidden Depths" sections. Lastly, the book invites the students to "Extend Yourself" through some suggested extension activities - doing additional research, completing various writing assignments, creating special projects, etc. Blank graphic organizer forms and answers are included in the back of the books. Reproducible, 128 pgs. - Melissa

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