Basic Math (2021 Edition)

In this basic math course, students master addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, fractions, decimals, percentages, powers, and roots. Station Activities require household items, index cards, a number cube (or die), and algebra tiles and an equation mat.

Offering a fresh look and additional activities in the student text and corresponding teacher guides, the 2021 Power Basics Math continues to provide a user-friendly, basic skills curriculum dedicated to total mastery. Lessons are self-instructional and fairly lengthy, roughly 10 student pages per lesson. New to this edition is a collection of Station Activities aligned to a specific CCS to reinforce the concepts taught. While these are group activities, homeschool families should have no problem modifying them for one or two students. Instruction is clear (written at a fourth-grade reading level), doesn’t assume prior knowledge, and explanations tend to be more procedural than conceptual. Student pages include instruction, drill, practice problem-solving skills and usually involve “real” world applications, such as planning a party, comparison shopping, and balancing budgets. Content follows NCTM standards. Previous edition test packs and workbook are compatible with the 2021 edition. If your student is struggling with traditional courses, Power Basics may be the answer you are seeking! ~Deanne

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